Wednesday, 5 January 2022

SaReGaMmA Music Institute

Importance of ear training.

We have 5 sense of organs . Eyes see the colours. Almost all people can differentiate between colours Nose can smell . most of the people can identify the fragrance. Like this we can differciate between tastes by mouth. We can feel hot or cold things just by touching it but can everybody differciate between the notes when they listen to a particular note/sound or tube. May be 80 % of total population of the world can not do this. This is strange but true. Since 1993 , SAREGAMMA MUSIC INSTITUTE is giving proper ear training to thousands of students from various fields like Architects, Doctors, CA, Army, Navy & Air Force officers, Software co owners, Vice President & other management persons, house wife, school /college going students etc. Our main aim is to make our students foundation very strong by training their ear properly. It may happen that a person is playing or singing a song in proper tune & rhythm (Sur & Taal) that is because it is his/her natural talent but in this case that person do not understand it technically. For example if a person see his friend or any other person playing 'Kaharawa taal' on Tabla, because of the passion & interest in music , he will try to imitate the same after close observation & he may be successful in playing that but he do do understand which taal is that, how many beats are there in this taal & other technical details. so training is required even if you have natural talent in music to understand the notation.